10 cool tips for making the most of your Boxee Box

May 4, 2011

Gigaom has published a great list of stuff you may not have realized your Boxee Box could do. “So you got your Boxee Box, and you’ve been busy streaming tons of content and trying out various apps,” writes Janko Roettgers. “Wonder what else is possible?…”

Here are Janko’s 10 recommendations…

  1. Use the Boxee Bookmarklet
  2. Set up and accessing web-based bookmarks
  3. Use Google TV web apps
  4. Watch Live TV
  5. Use the device as a file server
  6. Take advantage of third-party repositories
  7. Add the Boxee web widget on your website or blog
  8. Customize the device’s screensaver
  9. Set up Multiple Accounts
  10. Access the BBC iPlayer

Read the complete Gigaom post here.

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