About DeviceGuru

DeviceGuru.com is an independent blog devoted to new and emerging device technologies — including hardware, software, protocols, and standards — and their applications.

Topics range from the microscopic to the global. Favorites include…

  • Internet-enabled multimedia gadgets
  • Linux and Android operating systems and devices
  • Embedded processors and single board computers
  • Robotics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Green technologies and the environment

DeviceGuru.com is the birthplace of the DeviceGuru Blog Network.


About the blogger

DeviceGuru.com was created by Rick Lehrbaum, an entrepreneur, innovator, and well-known blogger in the embedded devices market.

Rick co-founded Ampro Computers, which pioneered board-level “embedded PCs” and originated the PC/104 standard. He also founded LinuxDevices and WindowsForDevices, popular technology blogs devoted to the use of Linux and Windows as embedded operating systems, and DesktopLinux. Subsequent to the acquisition of those blogs by Ziff Davis Media, Rick established a consulting practice and launched the DeviceGuru Blog Network. Most recently, Rick created LinuxGizmos.com, to carry on the tradition of LinuxDevices after that site went dormant in 2012.


Where’s Rick?

Due to popular demand from LinuxDevices.com’s followers after Quinstreet inherited that site from Ziff Davis Enterprise and then discontinued it, I’ve decided to focus my attention on its replacement, LinuxGizmos.com. As a result, I’ve had to discontinue updating DeviceGuru.com for the foreseeable future.

Please visit LinuxGizmos.com by clicking the image below!

You can contact Rick at: deviceguru at deviceguru dot com.