Boxee adding RoxioNow paid content service

Jun 16, 2010

Boxee said in January that it planned to add paid content options to its Boxee media-streaming software. This week, the company revealed that it has licensed Sonic’s “RoxioNow” entertainment platform, and is busy integrating it into Boxee.

According to Boxee’s announcement, RoxioNow will enable Boxee users users to stream multimedia content sources such as Best Buy, Blockbuster, and Lionsgate.

Sonic says that RoxioNow, introduced in April, “serves a broad range of premium content, including new movies and next-day TV programs, to a growing, multi-manufacturer ecosystem of home and mobile electronics including PCs, connected TVs, set-top DVRs, Blu-ray Disc players, smartphones, and mobile media devices.”

As Boxee spokesperson Andrew Kippen explained on Boxee’s blog, “eventually you’ll be able to purchase a movie on Boxee through a RoxioNow store, then watch it on multiple devices in your house or on the go.”

“While the platform integration with RoxioNow is already in the works, you’ll begin to see RoxioNow partner content appear on Boxee over the coming months… and in time for the Boxee Box by D-Link launch,” Kippen added.

Boxee CEO Avner Ronen stated in a Boxee press release, “RoxioNow offers a comprehensive solution that will enable users to access premium entertainment services instantly through Boxee. With RoxioNow-powered digital entertainment services, we continue our efforts to expand the variety of premium content we can stream instantly to anyone with a broadband connection.”

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