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Android gets a Netflix app!

May 13, 2011

Roma De, from Netflix’s product team, has announced that the company has released an Android Netflix app, which he says eventually will support a “large majority” of Android phones. Five devices, four from HTC and one from Samsung, are initially supported.

New AMD CPU/GPU rivals Intel Atom

January 18, 2011

AMD’s long-anticipated competitor to Intel’s popular Atom processor line has quietly begun shipping to device makers. AMD’s initial Embedded G-Series processor consumes less than 9W of power and crams dual 64-bit x86 CPU cores, an ATI Radeon GPU (graphics processing unit), system and DRAM controllers, PCI Express, and HD video interfaces into a single piece of silicon in a package that occupies about half a square inch of board space. Is this the rumored “Atom killer”?

Intel’s top 11 tech predictions for 2011

December 17, 2010

Industry analysts often end the year with predictions of future trends. Bill Kircos, Intel’s director of product- and technology-related public relations efforts, has rounded out the year with 11 technology trend predictions for 2011. Although Kircos admits his list is “a bit slanted toward Intel,” this guest post offers a glimpse of what’s in the trend-setting chipmaker’s near-term crystal ball.

Top 8 embedded software trends for 2011

December 17, 2010

Industry analysts often end the year with predictions of future trends. This year, market analyst firm VDC has listed eight key trends that are projected to shape the evolution of the mobile and embedded software and tools market during the coming year.

Android phone solves Rubik’s cube in 12.5 seconds

November 11, 2010

A Lego Mindstorms robotics kit controlled by an HTC Nexus One smartphone successfully untangled a Rubik’s Cube puzzle in 12.5 seconds at this week’s ARM developer conference in Silicon Valley.

Android grabs 44% of U.S. smartphone OS market

November 3, 2010

Consistent with predictions by other mobile phone market analysts, Canalys announced this week that Android-based devices represented the largest OS segment of the U.S. smartphone market in Q3 of 2010, at 44 percent. On a vendor basis, Apple occupied the top spot, at 26 percent.

The Android invasion cometh: is resistance futile?

October 25, 2010

Last month, we learned from Gartner that Android will probably be the number-two worldwide mobile OS this year, and may lead the pack by 2014. With Android’s growing use as the OS embedded in phones, netbooks, tablets, set-top boxes, and LCD HDTVs, we can’t help wondering: will the Linux-based OS soon dominate the entire non-PC consumer device OS market?

Nissan Leaf info hub runs Windows Automotive

October 19, 2010

The Nissan Leaf electric car’s “easy-to-use touch-screen Information Hub” will run Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Automotive operating system. But not to worry: it won’t be driving or controlling the car, so fear not the dreaded BSOD.

Android expected to be no. 2 mobile OS this year

September 17, 2010

Gartner expects Android to be the number two mobile operating system worldwide this year, behind only Symbian. Additionally, the market research firm expects the upstart OS to challenge Symbian for the top position by 2014.

Web-centric gaming handheld runs Windows 7 on Oak Trail

September 15, 2010

Ocosmos unveiled a pocket-sized, multifunction, multimedia handheld running Windows 7 at an Intel Developer Forum keynote Tuesday in San Francisco. Among the first demonstrated handhelds to incorporate Intel’s new “Oak Trail” SoC (system-on-chip processor), the OCS1 boasts a 4.8-inch touch-screen, slide-out keyboard, WiFi, 3G, GPS, speaker, camera, web browsing, and PC-compatible peer-to-peer gaming.