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OK Google: make this NEST hack a standard feature

May 7, 2017

This easy hack can unlock a NEST thermostat’s “Cool” mode in heater-only installations, allowing control of a heater’s ventilation fan as though it’s an A/C.

U.S. connected vehicle conference debuts in March

November 30, 2011

U.K.-based Telematics Update is introducing a new conference devoted to transportation applications involving vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications.

Video: Hurricane Irene moving up the East Coast

August 27, 2011

This fascinating video shows Hurricane Irene moving through the Bahamas and making landfall at Cape Lookout, North Carolina at around 8 am EDT today.

Turn off your Boxee Box the green way!

May 5, 2011

Ever worry about all the energy our DSL modems, wireless routers, and Internet-enabled devices (like the Boxee Box) consume around the clock? It all adds up!

Webinar probes electric vehicle benefits, challenges

April 1, 2011

Potential benefits of increased use of electric-drive vehicles (EVs), as well as challenges that need to be overcome in advancing the technology, were discussed by a panel of experts during a March 17 webinar cosponsored by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

IntelliDrive mobility & environment workshop slides available

December 30, 2010

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) recently held a free public meeting to review status and future plans associated with the agency’s IntelliDrive multimodal transportation research initiative. The event focused in particular on applications involving real-time data capture and management and dynamic mobility.

When pigs fly, and other wind-power mysteries

November 8, 2010

In this guest post, Stanford professor emeritus Martin Hellman uses a few simple physics equations to show how it’s possible for a wind-powered vehicle to travel faster than the wind that’s propelling it. Seems impossible? Watch the video, then read Hellman’s straightforward, logical explanation.

S.F. Bay Area consumer expo showcases green vehicles

October 4, 2010

Claimed to be the San Francisco Bay Area’s first consumer event dedicated to electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and other high-tech, eco-friendly vehicles, the Green Drive Expo takes place October 9 in Richmond, Calif. Attendees will see — and have the opportunity to test drive — many of the latest fuel-efficient and clean-energy vehicles, say the event’s organizers.

EVs electrify “green” conference

October 2, 2010

Electric vehicles were prominent among the “hot products” showcased at West Coast Green in San Francisco this week. The event’s product expo featured an assortment of early production units, prototypes, and concept models based on two-, three-, and four-wheel designs, along with several of the vehicles’ creators.

Transportation industry grapples with global warming

September 27, 2010

Presentation slides and a summary video from a recent transportation-focused Climate Change Symposium are now available online for public access. Cosponsored by U.S. federal and state transportation agencies, the symposium’s objective was to help state transportation departments address the challenges posed by global warming.