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Sonos debuts wireless sub-woofer

June 20, 2012

[Updated Jun 20, 2012] – Sonos, maker of a line of wireless, Internet-streaming music systems, has added a sub-woofer to its offering. The “Sub” adds “soul-shaking, heart-pounding” bass to any of the company’s amplified components, says Sonos.


Review: Linux Mint Debian Edition

June 8, 2012

I’ve long been a fan of Debian-based Linux OSes in general, and Ubuntu in particular. However, my disaffection with Ubuntu’s new Unity desktop had left me yearning for a suitable alternative. Finally last week, I removed Ubuntu 11.10 from my primary desktop computer and substituted the Linux Mint project’s latest Debian implementation: LMDE 201204. What a breath of fresh air!

LinuxCon 2011 Europe keynote videos now available

January 3, 2012

[Update] — Keynote videos from the September 2011 LinuxCon Europe conference are now available for on-demand viewing. Keynote presenters and participants included such Linux luminaries as Linus Torvalds, Alan Cox, Thomas Gleixner, Dirk Hohndel, Nils Brauckman, Tim Burk, Jon Corbet, and more.

Boxee 1.5 for desktops arrives, but the end is nigh

December 26, 2011

[Updated Jan 27, 2013] — Boxee released version 1.5 of its free multimedia streaming software for Mac, Windows, and Linux desktops today, but simultaneously announced that it will cease offering the Boxee desktop software after January 2012. Thereafter, the company will limit its focus to devices such as the D-Link Boxee Box.

Ubuntu without Unity

December 6, 2011

[Updated Sep 21, 2012] — Although it’s not without passionate supporters, Unity, Ubuntu’s new default user interface has generated considerable controversy and consternation among faithful Ubuntu users since its introduction last year. For those who prefer a traditional GNOME desktop, this post provides a straightforward method of setting up and configuring a current Ubuntu desktop based on GNOME 3’s “Fallback” mode, which works with both Ubuntu 11.10 and 12.04.

Roku adds $50 streaming multimedia player

October 19, 2011

Roku has added a new, entry-level device to its popular line of streaming multimedia players. The $50 “Roku LT” is nearly identical to the recently introduced Roku 2 HD player, except it omits that model’s microSD slot.

In-depth review: Sonos Play:3 music-streamer

October 7, 2011

Sonos has added a new member to its wireless music-streaming device family. “Play:3” lowers the bar on size, power consumption, and cost, and is intended for kitchens, bedrooms, and other small- to mid-sized rooms.

Personal cloud-server gizmo goes mobile

September 1, 2011

Cloud Engines is now accepting preorders for a new version of its Pogoplug personal cloud-server gadget, targeting users of Android and iOS mobile devices. Although dubbed “Pogoplug Mobile,” the compact new model remains powered by an AC wall-wart and communicates via wired Ethernet.

LinuxCon 2011 talks streaming live Aug. 17-19

August 17, 2011

All keynote sessions from the LinuxCon 2011 conference held in Vancouver this week are being made available for free public streaming today through Friday (Aug. 17-19). However, the sessions are streaming on a fixed schedule, as detailed in this post.

Boxee v1 for PC, Mac, Linux due this Fall

June 13, 2011

Boxee CEO Avner Ronen has tipped plans for an upcoming update to the Boxee software for PC, Mac, and Linux desktops. Ronen says the update will bring the free Boxee A/V player more into sync with what’s available on D-Link’s Boxee Box device. Although, the downloadable Boxee software for desktops will continue to lag behind new releases of Boxee for devices, he notes.