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Chart compares 13 streaming media players

May 31, 2011

[Updated Aug 30, 2012] – has updated its handy chart comparing many of the most popular Internet-enabled streaming media players, including the Apple TV, Boxee Box, Roku XDS, XBox 360, WD TV Live, and others.

Are streaming media players a passing fad?

May 23, 2011

Market analyst In-Stat is questioning whether dedicated “streaming media player” devices like the Roku player, Boxee Box, and Google TV-equipped Logitech Revue will be around for long. The reason: IP-streamed video is becoming a standard feature of TVs and Blu-ray players. Passing fad? We think not!

Google TV (Logitech Revue) price drops precipitously

May 13, 2011

The price of Logitech’s Google TV system, aka the “Logitech Revue,” has just dropped 33 percent on, from $299 to $199. In comparison, Amazon’s price for D-Link’s Boxee Box is currently running $184.

Roku now licensing its media player box design

November 5, 2010

Roku has begun licensing its A/V media streaming set-top-box hardware and software technology to third-party device makers. Netgear, Roku’s first licensee, will soon offer a Netgear-branded version of the recently size- and cost-reduced Roku XD box through Best Buy, Fry’s, and Radio Shack stores.

Sony bakes Google TV into HDTVs, Blu-ray player

October 24, 2010

Close on the heals of Logitech’s launch of the first set-top Google TV player, Sony has started shipping LCD HDTVs and a Blu-ray player with embedded Google TV capabilities. The devices have built-in WiFi, and come with wireless remote control keyboards.

Logitech launches first Google TV player

October 6, 2010

[Updated Oct. 22, 2010] — Following months of teasers, Logitech finally launched its Google TV player today at simultaneous press events in New York and San Francisco. The company’s Google TV family includes the Android-based “Revue” STB (set-top box), large and mini remote controls, free iPhone and Android remote control apps, and a video cam.

Google reveals Google TV details

October 4, 2010

Google today revealed more information regarding its soon-to-be-released “Google TV” platform. Among other interesting capabilities, the flexible Linux-based platform for delivering Internet-streamed A/V content to TVs will support thousands of TV-oriented Android apps, turning our TVs into “smart-TVs.”