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Chart compares 13 streaming media players

May 31, 2011

[Updated Aug 30, 2012] – has updated its handy chart comparing many of the most popular Internet-enabled streaming media players, including the Apple TV, Boxee Box, Roku XDS, XBox 360, WD TV Live, and others.

Are streaming media players a passing fad?

May 23, 2011

Market analyst In-Stat is questioning whether dedicated “streaming media player” devices like the Roku player, Boxee Box, and Google TV-equipped Logitech Revue will be around for long. The reason: IP-streamed video is becoming a standard feature of TVs and Blu-ray players. Passing fad? We think not!

Boxee Box 1.0 in-depth review

April 8, 2011

Following several months of use, and one major firmware update, DeviceGuru is now ready to relate our experience with using the D-Link Boxee Box. Despite seeming a bit more like a late-stage beta than a fully-released product, the device has gradually taken over command and control of our non-DVD TV watching experience.

Roku now licensing its media player box design

November 5, 2010

Roku has begun licensing its A/V media streaming set-top-box hardware and software technology to third-party device makers. Netgear, Roku’s first licensee, will soon offer a Netgear-branded version of the recently size- and cost-reduced Roku XD box through Best Buy, Fry’s, and Radio Shack stores.

Roku STB gains A/V aggregation service

July 20, 2009

Mediafly’s A/V podcast aggregation service will be added to Roku’s $100 digital video player set-top box (STB) this Fall, the companies report. According to Mediafly, its service will provide free access to “tens of thousands of audio and video podcasts” from NBC, CNN, ESPN, Comedy Central, and other sources.

Roku’s VoD box adds Amazon’s videos

March 3, 2009

Amazon’s video-on-demand (VoD) service has just been added to Roku’s Internet-based VoD set-top box. The upgrade, pushed out to the devices over the Internet, is the first to expand the Roku box’s content beyond its Netflix-centric origins.

Free updates enhance Roku’s digital video player

December 22, 2008

[Updated Jan. 6, 2009] — Roku has announced two updates to its $99 box that streams Netflix movies directly to TVs via the Internet. The initial update adds advanced compression capable of streaming HD video over “average” consumer broadband connections, Roku says.

Review: Roku’s rockin IP-radio

June 23, 2008

Having recently been bit by the Netflix STB bug, I couldn’t resist checking out Roku’s latest SoundBridge “network music player.” In less than 10 minutes of fooling around with the device after its arrival, I was ensnared!

First impressions of $100 Netflix box

May 20, 2008

Netflix and Roku have jointly announced a tiny set-top box (STB) said to offer unlimited streaming of DVDs and TV episodes on Netflix members’ TVs. The $100 “Netflix Player by Roku” is confirmed to run a customized version of Linux, along with robust DRM (digital rights management) technology.