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An in-depth Nexus 7 review

September 10, 2012

[Updated Nov 30, 2012] – This highly detailed review introduces Google’s first Android tablet: the Nexus 7, made by Asus. After briefly comparing the device’s features and specs to those of several other leading 7-inch tablets, we’ll examine the Nexus 7’s Android 4.2 (aka “Jelly Bean”) user interface, and then demonstrate a selection of useful Android tools and apps for system management, communications, social networking, media streaming, entertainment, and productivity.

Google Nexus 7 screenshot tour

August 13, 2012

This screenshot tour accompanies DeviceGuru’s in-depth review of Google’s first Android tablet: the $199 Nexus 7, manufactured by Asus. The tour includes over 350 images showcasing numerous aspects of the tablet’s Android 4.1-based user interface, home screens, customization, and apps.

An in-depth Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 review

July 5, 2012

[Updated Dec 10, 2012] — This post takes an in-depth look at Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, which hit the market about six months ago. In addition to a fairly detailed screenshot tour, we examine how the Samsung tablet’s features and specs compare to those of the 7-inch tablets recently introduced by Google, Amazon, and Apple.

Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 screenshot tour

May 15, 2012

This screenshot tour was created to accompany our in-depth review of Samsung’s new 7-inch Android tablet, the $249 Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. The tour comprises more than 300 screenshots, which showcase numerous aspects of the Android 4.0-based tablet’s user interface, home screens, customization, and applications.

iPad vs Galaxy Tab smackdown

April 14, 2012

[Updated Aug 25, 2012] – Before launching into this review, which pits Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 against Apple’s iPad 2, I took a few days to familiarize myself with the Galaxy Tab’s Android 3.1 (“Honeycomb”) OS. The thing is, I’d already used iOS on an iPod Touch for two years, but was a rank newbie when it came to Android.

LinuxCon 2011 Europe keynote videos now available

January 3, 2012

[Update] — Keynote videos from the September 2011 LinuxCon Europe conference are now available for on-demand viewing. Keynote presenters and participants included such Linux luminaries as Linus Torvalds, Alan Cox, Thomas Gleixner, Dirk Hohndel, Nils Brauckman, Tim Burk, Jon Corbet, and more.

Ubuntu without Unity

December 6, 2011

[Updated Sep 21, 2012] — Although it’s not without passionate supporters, Unity, Ubuntu’s new default user interface has generated considerable controversy and consternation among faithful Ubuntu users since its introduction last year. For those who prefer a traditional GNOME desktop, this post provides a straightforward method of setting up and configuring a current Ubuntu desktop based on GNOME 3’s “Fallback” mode, which works with both Ubuntu 11.10 and 12.04.

RIP Steve Jobs — photos from his street corner

October 8, 2011

A quiet walk by the home of Steve and Laurene Powell Jobs this morning presented the opportunity to share in the outpouring of love, respect, and admiration for one of the greatest technology innovators of our time. Below are some photos that provide a sense of the ongoing spontaneous tribute to Steve from the Palo Alto community and beyond.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 gets TouchWiz update

August 10, 2011

Samsung has just pushed out the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s first major update since the device arrived in retail channels last month. Still based on Android 3.1 (“honeycomb”), the upgraded OS integrates several new apps and features, and implements numerous UI theme and functional enhancements and tweaks.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 screenshot tour

July 23, 2011

[Updated Aug 25, 2012] — This comprehensive screenshot tour is part of DeviceGuru’s in-depth Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 review, which pits the 10-inch Samsung tablet against Apple’s iconic iPads. The tour includes more than 200 screenshots showcasing the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s user interface, homescreens, settings, apps, and more, and has been updated to showcase various aspects of the tablet’s mid-2012 firmware upgrade to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).