Intelligent Transport Systems for Dummies

Jul 24, 2010

We happened upon a delightful video that presents and explains several traffic-related Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) concepts. The video, which takes the form of a conversation between a child and her dad along with animated illustrations, covers applications and technologies such as cooperative vehicles and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications without resorting to technical jargon.

The video was produced by IBM Australia and provides “a unique view into the progress and potential for Australia’s transport and traffic systems,” says IBM.

The two-minute presentation offers “a light-hearted introduction to the concept of a smarter planet… and what it means for our traffic systems,” IBM adds. Take a look at what is possible when a system is instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent.”

Click below to view the video…

For further information on current ITS and cooperative mobility programs and projects, visit the websites of the EU’s CVIS project and the U.S. DOT’s Connected Vehicle Research project. You may also wish to read this transcript of IBM CEO Samuel J. Palmisano’s keynote talk at the Intelligent Transportation Society of America’s annual meeting earlier this year.
[Note: This article bears no relation to Wiley’s popular For Dummies book series. “For Dummies” is a registered trademark or servicemark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.]

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