Linux gurus convene in Texas

Apr 7, 2008

The Linux Foundation will hold its second annual Collaboration Summit this week in Austin, Texas. The invitation-only Summit, which brings together many of the foremost minds in Linux server, desktop, and mobile software development, aims to “determine how to advance the operating system in the year ahead.”

Hot topics to be addressed in keynotes and panel discussions on the Summit’s opening day include:

  • What are the technology trends and the economics driving the Linux desktop in new low cost PC’s? Representatives of Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Everex, Intel, TI, AMD will participate in this session.
  • What is the “M” commitment to the “L” in LAMP after the Sun acquisition of MySQL? Marten Mickos, SVP of Sun’s Database Group will address this pressing topic.
  • When am I going to get my hands on a Linux phone? Folks from Google’s OHA, the LiMo Foundation, and OpenMoko will discuss this interesting topic.
  • Where is Red Hat headed? Red Hat CTO Brian Stephens will explain what Red Hat has up its sleeve.

The second and third days of the Summit will be devoted to a wide range of working group meetings. For these sessions, interest areas include: Mobile/Embedded Linux, GNOME Mobile, Carrier Grade Linux (CGL), the Linux Desktop, Virtualization, IPv6, Open Source Legal Issues for Non-lawyers, LSB, Drivers and Driver Back-porting, OpenPrinting, Power Management, and more.

The Summit will take place at the UT Super Computing Center, and is sponsored and hosted by IBM. Further details are available on the Linux Collaboration Summit’s website.

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