LinuxCon to stream keynotes and sessions

Aug 9, 2010

The Linux Foundation (LF) is offering live streaming of many of the keynotes and conference sessions from its LinuxCon conference, being held this week in Boston. For $20/day or $50 for the full August 10-12 event, you can view sessions live or access them later on demand.

Note: The sessions listed below are now available for free online viewing, courtesy of the Linux Foundation. (Requires registration.)

The LF touts LinuxCon North America’s annual technical conference as an “unmatched collaboration and education space for all matters Linux.” It brings together Linux core developers, administrators, end users, business executives, and operations personnel, technical talent, business decision makers, and other members of the Linux community.

LinuxCon’s keynotes and conference sessions will span a wide range of linux topics, including kernel issues, the linux mobile phone phenomenon, virtualization, cloud computing, security, enterprise apps, open source issues, and more.

Here’s a list of the keynotes and sessions that will be streamed live and available on demand (within 24 hours of each session), according to the LF:

Tuesday, August 10th

  • Conference kickoff: A New Approach to Open Source Compliance
    Speaker: Jim Zemlin, Executive Director at The Linux Foundation
    Time: 9:00am EDT

  • Keynote: A Technical Look at Linux at Oracle
    Speaker: Wim Coekaerts, Senior Vice President, Linux and Virtualization Engineering, Oracle
    Time: 9:15am EDT

  • Keynote: Mobile Linux: Adapting Practices, Driving Innovation, Collaboration, and Scalability
    Speaker: Rob Chandhok, President, Qualcomm Innovation Center (QuIC)
    Time: 9:45am EDT

  • Using KVM as a Transparent Hardware Abstraction Layer
    Time: 10:45am EDT

  • Android/Linux Kernel: Lessons Learned
    Time: 11:45am EDT

  • Linux Kernel Security: Adapting 1960’s Technology to Meet 21st Century Threats
    Time: 2:30pm EDT

  • When the Kernel Runs Out of Memory
    Time: 3:30pm EDT

  • Keynote: Linux Kernel Panel
    Time: 4:30pm EDT

Wednesday, August 11th

  • Keynote: Empowering the Imagination For Tomorrow’s Linux Workloads
    Speaker: Markus Rex, Senior VP and GM, Open Platform Solutions, Novell
    Time: 9:00am EDT

  • Keynote: Open Source Software Adoption Patterns in Enterprise IT
    Speaker: Jeffrey Hammond, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
    Time: 9:30am EDT

  • Deltacloud – Many Clouds, One API
    Time: 10:30am EDT

  • How We Made Ubuntu Boot Faster
    Time: 11:30am EDT

  • Btrfs File System: Status and Future
    Time: 2:00pm EDT

  • Saving Energy with the intel_idle cpuidle Driver
    Time: 3:00pm EDT

  • Keynote: Doing What it Takes: Current Legal Issues in Defending FOSS
    Speaker: Eben Moglen, Director-Counsel and Chairman at the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC)
    Time: 4:00pm EDT

  • Keynote: Freedom to Innovate: Can MeeGo’s Openness Change the Mobile Industry?
    Speakers: Derek Speed, Senior Technologist, Intel; Thomas Miller, Head of MeeGo Ecosystem Development, Nokia
    Time: 4:30pm EDT

Thursday, August 12th

  • Keynote: Your Desktop is Free But Where’s Your Data?
    Speaker: Stormy Peters, Executive Director, GNOME Foundation
    Time: 9:00am EDT

  • Keynote: Selling the Value of Open Source When Cost is not the Driver
    Speaker: Ravi Simhambhatla, Chief Information Officer, Virgin America
    Time: 9:30am EDT

  • Linux and Advanced Storage Technologies
    Time: 10:30am EDT

  • Open Source Tool Chains For Managing the Cloud
    Time: 11:30am EDT

  • The Kernel Report
    Time: 2:00pm EDT

  • Commanding Your Data
    Time: 3:00pm EDT

To register for LinuxCon keynotes and sessions streaming, go here. Additional details on the conference sessions are available from the complete Conference Agenda.

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