LinuxGizmos is now HackerBoards, but we still love Tux

Apr 1, 2016

We will continue our extensive coverage of SBCs and COMs, but will reduce our coverage of end user products and expand our coverage of OSes beyond Linux.

In celebration of’s third birthday, and 16 years after I launched its predecessor,, we have decided to make some exciting changes to the site. In recent years, LinuxGizmos Editor Eric Brown and I have been delighted to see the rapid expansion of interest in single board computers and computer-on-modules beyond the realm of commercial engineers.

Today, most people who keep in touch with technology news are aware of “hacker” boards like the Raspberry Pi. Who would have imagined that SBCs would find their way into school curricula and attract millions of embedded engineers and hobbyist makers to open source hacker communities? All this has generated a tipping point for SBCs and COMs. Given this new environment, it’s no surprise that the most popular stories on LinuxGizmos have been our bi-annual roundups of open-spec SBCs, including our yearly hacker board reader survey collaboration with, which is coming up again in June.

With Linux, and the Linux-based Android, now firmly established as the default platforms for smart, connected embedded, mobile, and IoT devices, it’s now time to shift gears. Accordingly, we’ve decided to rebrand as “,” and sharpen our focus on SBCs and COMs while broadening it beyond Linux. We believe “” captures the current excitement around smart, connected, cost-effective board-level solutions in the overlapping communities of makers, hackers, and professional hardware and software developers.

Unlike LinuxGizmos, will rarely cover end-user and consumer devices. Instead, we will focus on our strength: embedded boards, modules, and system-on-chip silicon. We will, however, cover some development-oriented devices based on SBCs or COMs, such as M2M/IoT gateways, compact/rugged mini-PCs, HMI subsystems, and SBC add-ons and enclosures.

Linux and Android will continue to dominate our coverage, but we will now begin to add coverage of the growing number of IoT-focused, microcontroller based boards and modules, many of which run RTOSes. We will emphasize open source software such as FreeRTOS and FreeBSD, but will also include some proprietary systems. In some cases, we will also include devices supported only by embedded oriented Windows OSes, especially where there is a future potential for running Linux.

As a hardware-focused site, our software coverage will be fairly minimal. However, we will continue to provide the key information needed by embedded engineers and hobbyists concerning OSes, middleware, cloud services, and dev tools. Additionally, the 15,000+ posts in the LinuxDevices Archive will also continue to be available as a subdomain.

We hope you enjoy the site’s new look and sharpened focus on boards, modules, small systems, and related software for hackers, makers, and professional developers.

Best regards,

Rick Lehrbaum
Founder & publisher,

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