Minor update to v1.1 Boxee Box firmware

May 18, 2011

In a brief post on Boxee’s user forum today, Marcel Hass announced the release of a minor update to the Boxee Box’s v1.1-series firmware.

Boxee Box users can expect their devices to prompt them to accept the automatic upgrade process over the next few days.

Specifically, Version provides the following “Improvements and Additions,” according to Marcel’s Boxee forum post…

  • Revert PCM 2.0 to DD conversion from 1.1.0 release
  • Added setting for enabling volume control under Settings > System > Audio > Control Volume During Playback

Regarding the PCM 2.0 reversion

Basically, the v1.1 release’s change in sound format messed up audio for many users’ surround-sound audio systems. For a detailed discussion of what went wrong, read this thread at the Boxee user forum.

Regarding the volume control

The initial v1.1 firmware release eliminated the feature of being able to control the Boxee Box’s audio output level via up/down on the center button of the remote control. Boxee explained that it removed the feature because it couldn’t be made to work consistently across all apps. However, quite a few users resisted the change, so Boxee decided to reinstate the feature as a configuration option.


If you don’t want to wait for the upgrade to show up automatically on your Boxee Box, you can download and perform the update manually now. Otherwise, just sit tight and wait for the usual automatic upgrade prompt (as pictured below).


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