Roku 2 screenshot tour

Feb 1, 2012

This screenshot tour was created to accompany our detailed review of Roku’s latest streaming media player device family. The tour comprises about 140 screenshots showcasing the Roku 2 media player’s menu system; its extensive library of movies, TV shows, and Internet content channels; the ability to stream from USB drives and LAN shares; the device’s setup functions; and more.

You can browse our extensive Roku 2 Screenshot Tour using the index below. For the complete story behind these screenshots, be sure to read our in-depth Roku 2 media player review.

Roku 2 Screenshot Tour Index

These screenshots showcase many aspects of the Roku 2 player’s user interface, and some of its most popular apps. The list below offers quick access to screenshots by category. Click the screenshot thumbnails for larger images.

Initial setup

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Top-level menu

Typical menu of installed apps right after initial setup…

DeviceGuru’s installed apps menu, following a quick shopping spree in the Roku Channel Store …

Apps in the top-level menu can be moved and removed…

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Channel Store

Browse and install Roku channels from the “Channel Store” icon in the top-level menu…

Click the image below, for a page showing all official Roku channels currently available:

Roku currently offers more than 300 channels

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Amazon Video-on-Demand

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Hulu Plus

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Weather Underground

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Roku Newscaster

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Playing content from USB

Stream video, music, and photos from a USB drive (Roku 2 XS only)…

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Playing content from a PC or Mac

There are several third-apps that let you play music and videos and view photos from a PC or Mac on your local network. Below are screenshots from three examples.

Using the third-party MyMedia app…


Using the third-party Roksbox app…


Using the third-party Plex app…


Using the third-party PlayOn app. It provides much more than access to multimedia on the PC or Mac sharing (including Hulu for less than the cost of Hulu Plus!)…


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Roku Settings

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For the complete story behind these screenshots, be sure to read our in-depth Roku 2 media player review.


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