Webinars target Intelligent Transportation System issues

Aug 11, 2010

An upcoming series of four webinars will focus on top-ranked Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) issues and projects. The monthly events, featuring transportation industry leaders and high-ranking government officials, will include updates on the U.S. DOT’s IntelliDrive program and the Integrated Corridor Management Initiative, says series sponsor ITS America.

The three ITS America-sponsored webinars scheduled for the remainder of this year are listed below. The cost for viewing each webinar is $99 for ITS America members, and $149 for non-members. All three take place at 1:00-2:00 PM Eastern time.

  • September 7 — Congestion Management

    Description: In order to more efficiently utilize existing highway capacity, governments at all levels are evaluating the implementation of congestion pricing and toll roads to provide creative approaches to funding the transportation infrastructure. This session will highlight efforts that are being implemented to efficiently utilize technology to implement policy.

    Presenters: Tom Sorel, Commissioner, Minnesota DOT; Bernie Arseneau, Division Director, Policy, Safety, and Strategic Initiatives, Minnesota DOT.

  • October 6, 2010 — The IntelliDrive Safety Program Moves Forward

    Description: All the latest plans, activities and research findings of the U.S. Department of Transportation IntelliDrive safety research program.

    Presenter: John Harding, Research Manager, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, U.S. DOT

    Note: Subsequent to the initial publication of this article, the US-DOT ceased using the name “Intellidrive” for its Connected Vehicle Research program


  • November 3, 2010 — Integrated Corridor Management: Getting to Deployment

    Description: The Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) initiative has moved from Concept of Operations and Requirements Development, through modeling and now into design and demonstration. The ICM team and several of the Pioneer Sites will discuss lessons learned from the process, technology transfer materials under development, and demonstration plans.

    Presenters: Dale Thompson, Transportation Specialist, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. DOT; Brian Kary, ICM Project Manager, Minnesota DOT.

  • December 7, 2010 — ITS and the New World of Performance Measures

    Description: The next surface transportation legislation is likely to include a program of performance measures. Unlike in the past, these measures may be linked to funding. Timely reporting on many of these measures calls for the type of data that can only be provided by ITS and related technologies. A disconnect exists between policy makers who develop these performance measures and folks who understand the data that can be generated by ITS. This session will seek to bridge this gap – with the goal of improving the quality and relevance of new performance measures.

    Presenter: Emil Frankel, Director of Transportation Research, Bi-Partisan Policy Center

Each webinar will close with a Q&A session. Participants are invited to submit their questions online throughout the webinar, and session moderators will pose the top questions to the event’s featured presenters.

Further details regarding the webinar series and how to register are available on ITS America’s website, here.

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