About the DeviceGuru Blog Network

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Founded in 2007, the DeviceGuru Blog Network is the home of a group of websites focused on embedded, mobile, IoT, and edge computing technologies…

DeviceGuru.com (launched Jan. 2017) — initially published opinions, reviews, and how-to posts pertaining to embedded, mobile, and IoT devices and technologies, and currently serves as the home base of the DeviceGuru Blog Network
LinuxGizmos.com (launched Feb. 2013) — publishes timely news and analysis on the hardware, software, protocols, and standards used in embedded, mobile, IoT, and edge devices. In Mar. 2018 LinuxGizmos became part of KCK Media, the publisher of Circuit Cellar Magazine and CircuitCellar.com.
LinuxDevices.org (launched Dec. 2013) — hosts the “LinuxDevices.com Archive,” with nearly 15,000 news items and articles documenting the first dozen years of early embedded Linux history. This precious resource exists by virtue of a generous donation from Quinstreet Inc. to the Linux community after LinuxDevices.com became inactive.
HackerBoards.com (launched Nov. 2018) — the new home of the “Single Board Computer Database” (aka “Board-DB”), which was originated by Raffaele Tranquillini and formerly published Board-DB.org. The site’s database currently spans about 500 SBCs and modules, and welcomes submissions everyone interested in single board computers and COM/SoM modules.
20sTech.com (launched Jan. 2021) — publishes content including news, analysis, and opinion relating to the current renaissance in tech that’s occurring at the intersection of hardware, software, and the cloud.


About the DeviceGuru

DeviceGuru Blog Network founder Rick Lehrbaum is an entrepreneur, innovator, and well-known blogger in the embedded devices space. He co-founded Ampro Computers in 1983, authored the PC/104 standard and founded the PC/104 Consortium in 1991, launched LinuxDevices.com in 1999, and guided the formation of the Embedded Linux Consortium in 2000. Rick’s first single-board computer (SBC) design was “8080 Abie,” a 1977 wire-wrapped 8080 affair that was programmed with an on-board hex keypad, and was selected for inclusion in a never-published Byte Magazine book named “The Art of Computer Hacking.” His second SBC creation was the original Z80-based Ampro Little Board, in 1983. These days, he enjoys tinkering with Linux- and Android-based boards, systems, and Internet of Things gadgets and gizmos.

To contact the DeviceGuru Blog Network, please send an email to: deviceguru (at) deviceguru (dot) com. Follow the Network’s twitter feeds at @linuxdevices and @hackerboards