2018 catalog of 100+ hacker-friendly SBCs

Last updated Jan 4, 2018 — 414 views

LinuxGizmos.com has published its January 2018 round-up of “hacker-friendly SBCs.” The round-up includes a current hacker-SBC market overview; descriptions, specs, pricing, and links to info for all 103 boards; and a comparison spreadsheet that compares all 103 boards’ key features (and prices).

LinuxGizmos.com’s January 2018 “hacker-friendly single board computer round-up” comprises the following three resources:

The 2018 Hacker SBC Catalog provides descriptions, specs, pricing, and links to related LinuxGizmos coverage and supplier product pages for all 103 SBCs. The associated Google docs spreadsheet tabulates the key features and pricing for all 103 boards, and serves as a handy quick reference guide to the most recent hacker-friendly single board computers.


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