Top 8 embedded software trends for 2011

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Industry analysts often end the year with predictions of future trends. This year, market analyst firm VDC has listed eight key trends that are projected to shape the evolution of the mobile and embedded software and tools market during the coming year.

Here are VDC’s predictions:

  1. Android to catalyze growth in the commercial Linux market — As device manufacturers take Android into new application classes beyond mobile, the commercial Linux market will experience further growth.

  2. Increased use of multi-OS architectures — More application classes will have sophisticated UI functionality that are not supported by traditional OSs and end-users will seek out multi-OS systems.

  3. Increased use of virtualization — Driven by hardware bill of materials savings and reduced concerns regarding additional run-time execution latencies and costs, operating system virtualization will provide increased growth opportunities and therefore will continue to be a significant focus for many suppliers.

  4. Symbian’s loss to become MeeGo’s gain — Intel’s increasing focus on embedded combined with Symbian’s loss of strategic direction will drive additional gains for MeeGo as Nokia turns their attention toward the Linux-based platform.

  5. OEMs to increase f on the use of web security test tools — Increased interaction with the cloud and web-based content by more embedded device classes will increase OEM focus on use of web security test tools.

  6. Telecom sector will reaccelerate spends on commercial products — The increasing burden of mobile device data usage is driving the need for investment in wireless infrastructure and the telecom vertical market will reaccelerate spending on commercial products.

  7. Microsoft will regain relevance in the mobile phone sector — Riding the wave of Windows Phone 7 buzz, Microsoft will re-emerge as a leading player in the mobile phone arena.

  8. Another acquisition to come? — Following a string of high profile acquisitions in 2009/2010, VDC anticipates yet another major embedded real-time operating system supplier will get acquired in 2011.

Please note: VDC offers a range of market research and consulting services including specialties that cover the mobile and embedded operating systems and tools market. Further information regarding VDC’s predictions for 2011 may be found in a free webinar download available from the firm’s website (requires registration).

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