Android 3.1 coming to Google TV boxes soon

Last updated Aug 16, 2011 — 1082 views

Notwithstanding the Logitech Revue Google TV system’s drastic price reduction to $99, all new and existing devices will soon be updated to Google TV version 2, based on Android 3.1 (“Honeycomb”).

“With the expected release of version 2 of Google TV later this summer, the Logitech Revue connected-TV experience will get even richer,” says our Logitech source. “When v2 goes live, all new and existing Logitech Revue users will automatically receive the updated version, built on Android 3.1.”

Among other benefits, Google TV version 2 implements a simplified user experience, and adds access to the Android Market.

Logitech’s Google TV “Revue” box and keyboard

Initially priced at $299 last October, the Revue’s price was lowered to $199 on in May. Then, on August 1, Logitech formally dropped the Revue’s price to $99.

In its most recent quarterly statement, Logitech noted that the Revue’s price reduction contributed to a loss of $45 million for Q1 of its 2012 fiscal year. The company said the device’s dramatic price cut was aimed at “accelerating adoption of the Google TV platform by removing price as a barrier to broad consumer acceptance.”

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