Apple’s next hot product: the iLoo

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A recent online survey found that eight in ten consumers use electronic gadgets in the bathroom, primarily for communications, entertainment, and wellness purposes. This leads us to wonder if the “iLoo” might be a good candidate for Apple’s next hot product.

In terms of market potential, about 80 percent of the survey’s participants expressed an interest in buying one or more digital products developed for the bathroom. What’s more, nearly 10 percent said they’d consider purchasing five or more such products!

Ideal Standard’s concept of a digitally-enabled bathroom
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Other key findings from the survey include:

  • Regional differences — Europeans are the most weight-conscious, with Germans, Italians, and Belgians leading.
  • Gender differences — Women and men are about equal in their use of digital gadgets in the bathroom (10.6% and 9.7%, respectively). However…
    • The most popular devices among by men (in the bathroom) are PDAs, gaming gadgets, DVD players, and Internet access devices.
    • The most popular devices among women (in the bathroom) are phones, electronic scales, and portable music players.
    • Men and women watch TV about equally (11% and 10%, respectively).
  • Motivation — The top reason given for using digital devices in the bathroom was “to be entertained” (21%). Among this category, TVs, radios, DVD/CD players, portable music players, and gaming gadgets top the list in popularity. The main reasons given for using phones in the bathroom were: to save time (53-56%); to be available (25-29%); and to have more privacy (19-22%).
  • Age — People in their twenties are most drawn to electronics for entertainment (46%). Moreover, 40% of families with teenage children say they’re more inclined to buy digital products for the bathroom.

The survey, conducted by Synovate, polled over 5,000 consumers aged 15-70, located in Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, South Korea, The Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Thailand, and the U.K. Participants in the Americas and the South Pacific markets were not included. The survey was commissioned by Ideal Standard International, which aims to “bring the digital age into the bathroom” in order to “create a life space of pleasure and relaxation.”

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