HackerBoards.com now hosts the Single Board Computer Database

Nov 14, 2018 — views: 98

The DeviceGuru Blog Network is pleased to announce that it now hosts the Single Board Computer Database — aka “Board-DB” — which was created by Raffaele Tranquillini and previously hosted at board-db.org.
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Circuit Cellar and LinuxGizmos.com join forces

Mar 1, 2018 — views: 47

LinuxGizmos.com, a website of the DeviceGuru Blog Network, has joined forces with KCK Media, publisher of Circuit Cellar magazine. The alliance will expand the site’s coverage of the rapidly evolving hardware and software technologies used in new and emerging embedded and IoT devices, while continuing its unique focus on the benefits of open source software and standards.
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2018 catalog of 100+ hacker-friendly SBCs

Jan 4, 2018 — views: 411

LinuxGizmos.com has published its January 2018 round-up of “hacker-friendly SBCs.” The round-up includes a current hacker-SBC market overview; descriptions, specs, pricing, and links to info for all 103 boards; and a comparison spreadsheet that compares all 103 boards’ key features (and prices).
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OK Google: make this NEST hack a standard feature

May 7, 2017 — views: 164

This easy hack can unlock a NEST thermostat’s “Cool” mode in heater-only installations, allowing control of a heater’s ventilation fan as though it’s an A/C.
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Why are there no recent posts on DeviceGuru.com?

May 28, 2016 — views: 436

Why has DeviceGuru.com had so few posts over the past several years? Blame it on the success of its offspring: LinuxGizmos.com! Here’s the scoop…
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