Lenovo IdeaTab S2110 screenshot tour

Nov 1, 2012 — views: 1293

This screenshot tour was created in preparation for DeviceGuru’s in-depth review of Lenovo’s IdeaTab 2110 10-inch Android tablet. The comprehensive tour includes over 500 images showcasing numerous aspects of the tablet’s Android 4.0-based user interface, home screens, customization, and apps.
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Lenovo 9-inch Android tablet: great features, anemic display

Oct 24, 2012 — views: 5165

With 10-inch Android tablets going for around twice the price of 7-inch devices, there ought to be a market opportunity for midsized tablets, positioned halfway between typical 7- and 10-inch tablet pricepoints, and offering most of the features of the 10-inch models. This appears to be the target of Lenovo’s new IdeaPad A2109, a 9-inch tablet running Android 4.0. Does it hit the mark?
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New Boxee box: media streaming + live TV + DVR

Oct 16, 2012 — views: 19676

Boxee has announced a second-generation media streaming device. In contrast with the company’s pioneering Boxee Box, the new “Boxee TV” product features a limited set of apps for streaming from the most popular Internet-based sources and local network shares, integrates dual digital TV tuners, and provides a DVR function backed by cloud-based storage and watch-anywhere services.
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World’s first Arduino flashlight ships soon

Sep 28, 2012 — views: 3600

Following a highly successful Kickstarter project and over a year of development, HexBright, billed by its creator as the “world’s first open source Arduino flashlight,” is now in production with initial shipments planned for December.
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Startup gives birth to telepresence robot

Sep 25, 2012 — views: 4796

Suitable Technologies today unveiled a telepresence robot based on “Texai” technology from Willow Garage, a robotics research lab. “Beam” (as in “Beam me up, Scotty” — no, really!) implements a video chat function on a computer you can remotely drive around via Internet-based control.
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An in-depth Nexus 7 review

Sep 10, 2012 — views: 12326

[Updated Nov 30, 2012] – This highly detailed review introduces Google’s first Android tablet: the Nexus 7, made by Asus. After briefly comparing the device’s features and specs to those of several other leading 7-inch tablets, we’ll examine the Nexus 7’s Android 4.2 (aka “Jelly Bean”) user interface, and then demonstrate a selection of useful Android tools and apps for system management, communications, social networking, media streaming, entertainment, and productivity.
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Nexus 7 vs Galaxy Tab vs Kindle Fire

Sep 8, 2012 — views: 25404

[Updated Nov 30, 2012] — Which 7-inch Android tablet is best? To answer that question, this post compares the key features and specs of today’s most popular 7-inch tablets: Google’s Nexus 7, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, and Amazon’s second-generation Kindle Fires.
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Pioneering “embedded PC” standard turns 20

Sep 3, 2012 — views: 411

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of the PC/104 specification, which introduced a standardized way to build PC-compatible functions into a wide range of instruments, devices, and applications.
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Google Nexus 7 screenshot tour

Aug 13, 2012 — views: 9189

This screenshot tour accompanies DeviceGuru’s in-depth review of Google’s first Android tablet: the $199 Nexus 7, manufactured by Asus. The tour includes over 350 images showcasing numerous aspects of the tablet’s Android 4.1-based user interface, home screens, customization, and apps.
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D-Link DSM-312 MovieNite Plus review

Jul 23, 2012 — views: 10096

Although Apple’s and Roku’s streaming media players are the darlings of “cordcutters” seeking freedom from cable TV costs and restrictions right now, several other companies are angling for a slice of that rapidly emerging market pie. This review takes a look at D-Link’s most recent streaming player, the DSM-312 MovieNite Plus.
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An in-depth Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 review

Jul 5, 2012 — views: 40686

[Updated Dec 10, 2012] — This post takes an in-depth look at Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, which hit the market about six months ago. In addition to a fairly detailed screenshot tour, we examine how the Samsung tablet’s features and specs compare to those of the 7-inch tablets recently introduced by Google, Amazon, and Apple.
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Sonos debuts wireless sub-woofer

Jun 20, 2012 — views: 803

[Updated Jun 20, 2012] – Sonos, maker of a line of wireless, Internet-streaming music systems, has added a sub-woofer to its offering. The “Sub” adds “soul-shaking, heart-pounding” bass to any of the company’s amplified components, says Sonos.

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Review: Linux Mint Debian Edition

Jun 8, 2012 — views: 25318

I’ve long been a fan of Debian-based Linux OSes in general, and Ubuntu in particular. However, my disaffection with Ubuntu’s new Unity desktop had left me yearning for a suitable alternative. Finally last week, I removed Ubuntu 11.10 from my primary desktop computer and substituted the Linux Mint project’s latest Debian implementation: LMDE 201204. What a breath of fresh air!
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Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 screenshot tour

May 15, 2012 — views: 13984

This screenshot tour was created to accompany our in-depth review of Samsung’s new 7-inch Android tablet, the $249 Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. The tour comprises more than 300 screenshots, which showcase numerous aspects of the Android 4.0-based tablet’s user interface, home screens, customization, and applications.
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Kindle Fire root and tweak

May 8, 2012 — views: 62203

[Updated Dec 2, 2012] — Like almost everyone else, DeviceGuru initially dismissed Amazon’s $199 Kindle Fire as merely a vehicle for Amazon to generate ongoing revenue from ebook, music, videos, and Android app sales. But when I learned that Kindle Fire refurbs were going for $140, I couldn’t resist snapping one up and finding out what I could make it do. Turns out, it wasn’t hard to morph it into a relatively full-featured general purpose Android tablet, complete with Google services and apps.
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