Where’s the Boxee Box firmware archive?

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Following a recent Boxee Box firmware update, we wondered how one could obtain an earlier firmware release in the event an upgrade caused problems. Finding nothing on Boxee’s website, we emailed our question to Boxee.

It turns out there is no official Boxee firmware repository because “this would cause a lot of confusion for both users and for us,” says Boxee marketing chief Andrew Kippen.

“We do our best to make sure every version is tested in every configuration possible, but there are some crazy setups out there,” Kippen adds. “It’s best for us (and for the product) if we’re able to work with those users to address those issues rather than just have them stay on an outdated version of the software that might have one feature working, but wouldn’t receive updated apps/features.”

That said, a reader recently called our attention to a Boxee user forum thread containing details on how to locate, download, and install all major Boxee Box firmware releases.

Based on the contents of that thread, from the Boxee user forum’s “Super Moderator” Darcilicious, we’ve compiled the following list of previous Boxee Box firmware versions, descriptions, and download links.

Major Boxee Box firmware releases, and how to download and install them:

These are the Boxee Box firmware releases through Oct. 25, 2011, with links for downloading each release’s ISO image file:



  • You can use the “download” links provided above to grab the indicated Boxee Box release versions. Each firmware release’s download URL is obtained by substituting the release’s version number for “VERSION” in this generic URL:
  • Instructions on manually updating Boxee Box firmware via USB may be found here.
  • For instructions on how to prevent the Boxee Box from automatically updating its firmware when a new release becomes available, see this Boxee forum thread.
  • Downgrading from version 1.5.0 or later requires performing a factory restore prior to installing versions earlier than 1.5.0.

The data used for compiling the above list was obtained from Boxee’s user forum thread located here (posted by Super Moderator darcilicious).

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