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First affordable mind-controlled, robotic telepresence?

August 21, 2011

Software developer Robert Oschler has launched a Kickstarter project aimed at creating a low-cost, mind-controlled, robotic telepresence system, based on integrating support for WowWee’s Rovio robot, Emotiv’s EEG headset, and Skype communications into version 5 of Oschler’s Robodance software.

Bionic body parts offer hope to the disabled

July 3, 2011

An interesting 11-minute PBS News Hour video demonstrates several bionics projects that use state-of-the-art robotics technologies to create artificial body parts capable of assisting people with disabilities. The video demonstrates a robotic exoskeleton called eLegs, an artificial arm called Luke, and glasses that provide “bionic eyesight.”

U.S. military funds android & felinoid robots

March 6, 2011

Robot specialist Boston Dynamics has just received a contract from the U.S. Defense Department’s DARPA agency to develop two new robots. Atlas, a humanoid bot, will “climb and maneuver in rough terrain [with] human-like agility,” while Cheetah, a felinoid bot, will “sprint faster than a human, corner like a race car, and start and stop on a dime,” says the company.

Android phone solves Rubik’s cube in 12.5 seconds

November 11, 2010

A Lego Mindstorms robotics kit controlled by an HTC Nexus One smartphone successfully untangled a Rubik’s Cube puzzle in 12.5 seconds at this week’s ARM developer conference in Silicon Valley.

Explore ASIMO via an interactive 3D model

February 18, 2009

Honda has just added an interactive, computer-generated 3D ASIMO model to the website for its renowned humanoid robot. The new function showcases the technologies behind the robot’s form, function, movement, and intelligence.