Handheld radar device ‘sees’ through walls

Published Jun 11, 2008 — 2033 views

Motorola-backed startup Camero has introduced a handheld radar device that can “see” through walls. Weighing about six pounds, the laptop computer-sized gadget is intended for use by military, law enforcement, fire, and rescue personnel.

Camero’s handheld “through-wall imaging” device is smaller than a laptop computer

Camero says its device, known as the Xaver 400, uses proprietary ultra-wideband (UWB) RF technology to generate 3D images of hidden objects.

Xaver 400’s plots the position and motion of hidden objects on its built-in display (left), and also remotely (right)

According to Camero, the device’s RF-based vision can penetrate concrete, reinforced concrete, cinder block, brick, stucco, adobe, and drywall, among other common wall types, and has a range of about 26 feet. The company claims it’s through-wall imaging technology is based on “very low and safe levels of power” and complies with relevant FCC regulations.

The following Camero-produced video illustrates the use and application of the Xaver 400 through-wall imaging device:

(Click image to launch video)

According to Lieutenant General (Ret) Philip Kensinger, former commander of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), “Rapid target acquisition, real-time situational awareness and a common operating picture are critical components of Special Forces’ ability to find, fix, and finish the enemy.”

Camero’s R&D facility is located in Israel. Its Xaver 400 was demonstrated last month at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Tampa, Florida. For further details, visit Camero’s website.

Creepy stuff!

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