Navi-X tip wins first BoxeeBoxTips contest

Last updated Jul 1, 2011 — 2716 views readers have selected their favorite Boxee Box tips in the site’s first “Win a Boxee Box Contest.” Bill Daly, project coordinator of Team Navi-X, received the most votes of any contest entrant and wins the Boxee Box prize.

What’s Navi-X?

Daly’s contest-winning description of Navi-X, a free user-installable app that adds an awesome array of content to Boxee and the Boxee Box, is well worth reading.

How much content does Navi-X offer? When you log into your account at and browse to it where it says “some stats,” you can view overall totals. Currently the stats are…

  • Navi-Xtreme Playlist Accounts/Users = 12,540 users
  • Navi-Xtreme Playlists Total = 9,452 playlists
  • Navi-Xtreme Media Items Total = 86,783 media items

“We average over 10,000 unique visitors a month at,” says Daly. “The Navi-X app gets about 7 million hits a month on playlists alone, and averages 8,000 users a day, and there are approximately 245,000 regular users of Navi-X.”
Top 10 Boxee Box tips and tricks

A listing of the top 10 Boxee Box tips and tricks submissions as of midnight Pacific Time on June 30, 2011 appears below. Only reader-contributed tips were eligible to win the D-Link Boxee Box, which was provided by D-Link.

Note: Currently, everyone who votes for tips at is automatically being entered into a random drawing to win a D-Link Boxee Box in the site’s second contest, which runs through July 31. So if you you’d like a shot at winning a Boxee Box, be sure to cast your votes for your favorite tips and tricks.

The top-10 tips in’s first contest are…

  1. What’s inside the Boxee Box? — 23 votes — by BoxeeBoxTips — Ever wonder what’s inside that unusually shaped D-Link Boxee Box? iFixit has published a pictorial Boxee Box tear-down, so now you don’t need to disassemble your own device to find out. (Not eligible to win, due to being posted by

  2. Introducing the Navi-X App for Boxee — 18 votes — by Bill Daly (aka iRoNBiLL) — iRoNBiLL, project coordinator of Team Navi-X, introduces the Boxee Navi-X app and explains how to install and use it on Boxee running on a PC or on a dedicated Boxee Box. Navi-X is described as a “media browser” and “content aggregator” that extends the content available on Boxee by letting users quickly and easily link to and playback multimedia content from a multitude of additional sources.

  3. Setting up network shares on the Boxee Box — 17 votes — by BoxeeBoxTips — A comprehensive post on Boxee’s user forum provides tips for setting up and troubleshooting network shares on the Boxee Box.

  4. Boxee v1 for PC, Mac, Linux due this Fall — 17 votes — by BoxeeBoxTips — Boxee CEO Avner Ronen has tipped plans for an upcoming update to the Boxee software for PC, Mac, and Linux desktops. Ronen says the update

  5. 10 cool tips for making the most of your Boxee Box — 15 votes — by BoxeeBoxTips — Highlighting Gigaom’s excellent list of stuff you may not have realized your Boxee Box could do.

  6. Building Better Boxee Box Bookmarks — 15 votes — by BoxeeBoxTips — You might think the Boxee Box browser’s bookmarks function would let you add bookmarks pointing to as many of your favorite movies, shows, and other web content as you want. Unfortunately, it doesn’t!

  7. Chart compares 13 streaming media players — 9 votes — by BoxeeBoxTips — Highlighting Streaming Media’s handy chart comparing 13 popular Internet-enabled streaming media players, including the Boxee Box, Apple TV, Roku XDS, and ten others.

  8. Advantages of developing apps for the Boxee Box — 9 votes — by violarocks — From the app developer’s perspective, the Boxee Box has a major advantage over competitors such as Google’s Google TV and Apple’s Apple TV.

  9. What’s playing on the Boxee Box? — 8 votes — by BoxeeBoxTips — Boxee currently lists 184 apps that are available for streaming multimedia or viewing other content on the Boxee Box, not counting those that can be obtained from third-party repositories.

  10. Upgrading your Boxee Box firmware — 6 votes — by BoxeeBoxTips — When a new Boxee Box firmware version is released, how do you go about upgrading your device? Nothing could be simpler!


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