Online program aims to educate transportation leaders

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The regional University Transportation Research Centers (UTRCs) in the U.S. have launched a new distance-learning program to educate “transportation leaders for the 21st century.” The online graduate-level certification program aims to “nurture individuals with potential leadership qualities in both the public and private sectors, and to assist them in moving along the promotion track from excellent technical contributions to management responsibilities and eventually on to leadership roles.”

The name of the program is the “Transportation Leadership Graduate Certificate” (TLGC). Its theme is Transportation Policy, Management, and Operations.

According to the UTRC, the program is intended to provide a comprehensive understanding of the issues required in dealing with “multi-modal transportation challenges in a complex world.” The new program is expected to “significantly enhance the profession by expanding the pool of new professionals with essential competencies.”

The TLGC requires completing four theme-related graduate courses taught by faculty from various prominent U.S. universities. The courses will be conducted online and will incorporate all modes of transportation. They will include topics such as transportation systems, policy, planning, operations, economics, safety and security, social and environmental considerations, program management, environmental and climate change, and future technologies, the UTRC says.

“The product of this program will be the award of a prestigious certificate endorsed by the U.S. Department of Transportation and leading public and private sector organizations,” says the UTRC announcement. Completed courses are expected to be transferable toward graduate degrees.

To learn more about the Transportation Leadership Graduate Certificate distance-learning program, including financial aid opportunities and other detailed information, visit program’s website at

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