Play YouTube videos on Boxee directly from Opera

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Sometimes when you’re at your computer, chatting with friends, or browsing the Internet, you run across some video that you’d rather be watching on your TV’s big screen using your Boxee Box.

For this reason I have created TeleTube. It is a simple extension for the Opera browser that adds a single button — “Play to TV” — to some websites with video content. Clicking the button sends the currently opened video to Boxee for playback.

When you click the “Play to TV” button, TeleTube plays the video through Boxee
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TeleTube works with both Boxee and XBMC (I’m actually using the latter) and supports content on YouTube, Dailymotion, and The Escapist Magazine.

Installing and configuring TeleTube on Opera
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You can find more information, including installation and configuration instructions, on the TeleTube website.

Note: this guest post was submitted by Marcin Simonides, developer of the TeleTube extension for Opera

6 responses to “Play YouTube videos on Boxee directly from Opera”

  1. jas says:

    Is it just a watchlater bookmarklet extension for opera or something else??

  2. cinusek says:

    It works instantly. It talks directly to Boxee over the local network (the drawback is that it needs to be configured before the first use).

  3. laantefjer says:

    Does it work? I can not get it to work. teletube can see my boxeebox and says the test is OK. but youtube does not work….. ?

  4. cinusek says:

    If you’re using the 0.9.2 version (you can check it in the options), then no, it doesn’t. The current version, 0.9.3, is fixed. Opera should have automatically updated the extension this week but if it hasn’t, you can just go to the download page and install the newer version.

    If you still have problems then e-mail me at [email protected] and I’ll try to help you.

    The reason for YouTube not working in the older versions is that they have modified their website last week and as a result TeleTube was not able to get the movie URL.

  5. laantefjer says:

    thanks but what about with boxeebox v. 1.2 ?

  6. cinusek says:

    @laantefjer: I don’t have a Boxee Box. I can only test on the Boxee software for PC and, to my knowledge, the 1.2 version will not be available for now.