Pogoplug goes wireless

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The compact, Linux-powered Pogoplug device has just gained a $29 WiFi adapter companion, which enables it to work wirelessly. The new Pogoplug Wireless Adapter appears to be a standard USB 802.11 b/g/n WiFi adapter of undisclosed origin and chipset, and works with all current Pogoplugs.

What’s a Pogoplug? Basically it’s a tiny, low-powered, inexpensive ($99) device that runs a customized Linux-based operating system. In its normal modes of operation, it works in tandem with web services supplied by Cloud Engines at Pogoplug.com. Until recently, the gadget’s main purpose had been to enable remote access to the contents of USB-connected hard or flash drives over the Internet, as illustrated below.

Pogoplug’s web services-based architecture

In June, the company released a free firmware update that added remotely accessible printer-server features.

Pogoplug Wireless Adapter

And now we learn that the devices are (already) capable of plug-and-play WiFi operation — at least, when used with the official, company-supplied wireless adapter. (No doubt other adapters also work, but we haven’t discovered that info yet; if you know, please post a comment to this story.)

Specs listed by the company for the device’s wireless adapter are:

  • Compatible with IEEE 802.11 b/g/n High Rate Standard to provide wireless 11/54/54/300 Mbps Data Rate
  • Operation at 2.4-2.5Ghz and 5.15-5.85Ghz Frequency Band to meet Worldwide Regulations
  • Supports USB 2.0 High Speed interface

Other recent improvements to the Pogoplug — beyond the recently-added printing services and the recently-disclosed plug-and-play WiFi support — are said to include…

  • A newly updated Android application (there’s also one for the iPhone and iPod Touch
  • The ability to share and collaborate on documents directly on the Pogoplug
  • A very simple system of email upload

“We are constantly striving to make the Pogoplug even better, and we would love to hear what your experience has been and how we can improve it,” says the company.

The company also has announced a reduction in price, from $129 to $99, for the 2nd-generation (pink colored) Pogoplug, and is offering the new WiFi adapter free (for a limited time) to those who purchased the Pogoplug at the original, higher price. Details on how to take advantage of this offer are currently on this page of Pogoplug.com.

You may also wish to read this recent DeviceGuru review of the Pogoplug, in which we deployed a Pogoplug as an iPod server.

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