R.I.P. LinuxDevices… Long live LinuxGizmos!

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In 2012, the embedded Linux market lost a valued resource when LinuxDevices.com became a collateral casualty of QuinStreet’s acquisition of a group of websites from Ziff Davis Enterprise. Unfortunately the new owner has no interest in supporting the site, so LinuxDevices has lain dormant for over a year.

As the year wore on, a growing number of individuals and companies urged me (as the site’s founder) to do something to get LinuxDevices back on its feet, or to launch a new site to fill the void.

Thanks to this encouragement, and recognizing that embedded Linux is not simply alive and well, but has been growing exponentially as the OS-of-choice for smartphones and numerous other embedded applications, I decided to launch a successor site.

Introducing LinuxGizmos.com

Like its forerunner, LinuxGizmos is devoted to the use of Linux in embedded and mobile devices and applications. The site’s goal is to provide daily updates of news and information on embedded Linux distributions, application software, development tools, protocols, standards, and hardware of interest to technical, marketing, and management professionals in the embedded and mobile devices markets.

For example, some recent advances of embedded Linux over the past year have included…

  • Android reaching some 70 percent of the global smartphone market, while continuing to sneak up on the iPad in tablets
  • An explosion of new open Linux hardware projects, led by the phenomenally popular Raspberry Pi
  • The emergence of several promising new mobile Linux OSes, like Sailfish, Firefox OS, Tizen, and Ubuntu Touch
  • The increasing interest in Linux-based automotive computing solutions
  • The continuing expansion of Linux into consumer electronics, industrial control, networking equipment, digital signage, robotics, and more

Each LinuxGizmos post includes a comment area where readers can ask questions, voice their opinions, and engage in discussions on the topics covered. Additionally, members of the embedded Linux community are welcome to submit announcements, events, guest editorials, and other content for publication on LinuxGizmos.com (subject to the site’s editorial policies).

R.I.P. LinuxDevices.com… Long live LinuxGizmos.com!

— Rick Lehrbaum, founder of LinuxDevices.com and LinuxGizmos.com

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    I was wondering about that, used to follow the site alot.