Roku adds $50 streaming multimedia player

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Roku has added a new, entry-level device to its popular line of streaming multimedia players. The $50 “Roku LT” is nearly identical to the recently introduced Roku 2 HD player, except it omits that model’s microSD slot.

According to Roku, the LT “looks very similar to the Roku 2 family, streams all 320 channels, and carries the familiar award-winning Roku interface.”

Roku’s new $50 streaming multimedia player
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Like the recently released Roku 2 HD, “the LT offers high-definition at 720p via HDMI, it also features built-in wireless (b/g/n) and sports an A/V output for standard definition, so it will run on the new and the not-so-new TVs,” says Roku founder and CEO Anthony Wood.

Here’s a feature-comparison table showing the key differences between the various current Roku multimedia streaming player models:

Feature comparison: Roku LT and Roku 2 HD/SD/XS models

Roku model: LT 2 HD 2 XD 2 XS
720p video support yes yes yes yes
1080p video support no no yes yes
Wired Ethernet port no no no yes
microSD media slot no yes yes yes
USB media slot no no no yes
Enhanced remote included (provides motion control for games) no no no yes

Based on its periodic cost reductions, Roku seems intent on getting one or more of its streaming multimedia players into everyone’s home.

“We think the LT is the perfect streaming player for the first, second, or third TV in the house, and at half the price of the competition, it’s going to be tough to turn down!,” Wood suggests.

Roku’s multimedia streaming players are available from various online and brick-and-mortor retailers, with suggested retail prices from $50 through $100. Further info is on Roku’s website.

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