Second Boxee Box Contest winner announced

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The second “Win a Boxee Box” contest has been won by Jim Sims, whose name was randomly selected from among all those who registered and voted for tips at prior to midnight, July 31st.

Jim informs us that he’s been a Boxee user for some time now, using the Windows version of Boxee. In fact, he recently completed a project to restore an antique radio, replacing the antique electronics with a small LCD and a laptop running Boxee.

Knowing DeviceGuru and BoxeeBoxTips readers would be eager to learn more about Jim’s DIY “Antique Boxee Box,” we asked for some photos and details, and Jim graciously complied.

Jim’s Antique Boxee Box plays tunes from the cloud now, with streaming of local A/V coming soon
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“I started with an antique Zenith radio my grandmother gave me, along with the express instructions to ‘put a computer in it or something’,” recalls Jim. “I removed all the non-working components and restored the enclosure, replaced the knobs and the torn grille cloth, modified the front panel with micro switches, and installed a cast off Dell laptop and a 7-inch LCD screen.”

“Some software tweaking remains, but right now my wife uses it mostly for Pandora and Vevo, and I still need to map it to my NAS for streaming of my audio and video collection,” Jim adds. “It has been by far my favorite project, and I wish I had more radios to mod in this fashion.”

Next “Win a Boxee Box Contest” kicks off on August 15

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