Setting up network shares on the Boxee Box

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A comprehensive post on Boxee’s user forum provides tips for setting up and troubleshooting network shares on the Boxee Box. The thread, started by Boxee engineer Dan Conti, is one of the top resources for learning how to setup and trouble Boxee Box network shares and currently has over 300 comments.

Conti says he initiated the discussion thread on Boxee’s user forum in order to “consolidate info that I have and guidance folks have posted on the forums into a more standard FAQ.”

Setting up network shares
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“Starting from a rough draft, I would love to get this ironed out and posted in a more visible space,” says Conti in the thread’s introduction. “First off though, i want to make sure that it has enough information to help people navigate through their issues.”

“I’ll continue to post on other threads and add guidance to this top post as needed, or feel free to post additional advice you have below,” Conti adds. “File sharing shouldn’t require anything overly complicated on your windows/osx/linux machine, so if you have only had success using something tricky, i’d love to have a chance to troubleshoot with you a bit.”

The thread’s overview is organized in three sections:

  • Scanning the local network
  • Troubleshooting
  • Known issues

The comments delve into virtually every aspect of making file sharing work on the device. Read it here:

Tips for network shares with Boxee


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