Survey: EV range, price turn off buyers

Published Oct 19, 2010 — 10 views

In a recent online survey conducted by Parker’s, a U.K. car buyer’s website, more two-thirds of respondents said they wouldn’t buy an electric car. Among those who weren’t interested in purchasing an EV, the main turn-offs were limited typical range (100 miles) and high purchase price,

According to Parker’s, 69 percent of the survey’s participants said they wouldn’t buy an electric car. Of these, 32 percent listed the primary reason for their disinterest as the limited distance EVs can travel, which was taken as 100 miles, based on the specs of EVs such as the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

The second most common reason for not wanting to buy an electric car, at around 25 percent, was purchase price, despite the U.K. Government’s offering of a £5,000 subsidy, says Parker’s.

Next in line, according to Parker’s, were concerns that EV’s aren’t really green (18 percent), followed by those who believed conventional cars to be better than EVs (17 percent).

Among the 31 percent of the survey’s participants who said they would buy an electric car, nearly half said they would do so to save money on fuel costs, while a third selected “these vehicles are the future for cost effective motoring and looking after the environment” as their reason, according to Parker’s.

More than 500 users of the Parker’s website reportedly participated in the survey.

Further details are on the Parker’s website, here.

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