The Android invasion cometh: is resistance futile?

Last updated Oct 25, 2010 — 4838 views

Last month, we learned from Gartner that Android will probably be the number-two worldwide mobile OS this year, and may lead the pack by 2014. With Android’s growing use as the OS embedded in phones, netbooks, tablets, set-top boxes, and LCD HDTVs, we can’t help wondering: will the Linux-based OS soon dominate the entire non-PC consumer device OS market?

To gain some perspective on Android’s rapid rise to prominence, here’s a short summary of its key milestones:

“Brace for the future”

As Dan Morrill, Google’s Open Source & Compatibility Program Manager, wrote in a recent blog post aimed at Android’s vast army of app developers, “Android started on phones, but we’re growing to fit new kinds of devices. Now your Android app can run on almost anything, and the potential size of your audience is growing fast.”

Obviously, if Google has its way, we’ll soon be surrounded by swarms of Android gadgets of all shapes and sizes. Apple CEO Steve Jobs, on the other hand, begs to differ.

3 responses to “The Android invasion cometh: is resistance futile?”

  1. David Clifton says:

    Every widespread software system is a form of tyranny over the minds of programmers everywhere.

    Android is a bit easier to develop for than Cocoa, and far superior to anything with a Windows logo.

    It will do for now.

  2. Mark says:

    I’m happy with this. Google have offered a MobileOS that does everything better than Apples iOS and is totally open, I can grab the source if I so wish.

    Developer fees are low $25 one time fee, and the Eclipse development enviroment is very good (better GUI tools would be welcome thou).

    A look at the Win7 phones, which are a total joke, and the walled Apple garden, it’s no wonder Android is on fire, the competition is so bad.

  3. MadProfessor says:

    Once again, Linux has proven to be more consumer friendly and developer friendly despite what the critics say.