Top-ten ways the world could end

Last updated Dec 8, 2008 — 619 views

Has the recent financial melt-down got you feeling like your world’s coming to an end? CBC Radio’s list of the “top ten” ways life on earth could end might make you feel better about what’s still going right.

On CBC Radio’s “Quirks & Quarks” 25-minute show, ten scientists describe these top-ten (though highly-improbable) ways life on this planet could come to an end:

    10. The expanding Sun engulfs the Earth
    9. A giant gamma ray irradiates the Earth
    8. A black hole tears the Earth apart
    7. A giant asteroid crashes into the Earth
    6. The Earth becomes totally glaciated
    5. The galactic magnetic cloud collapses
    4. The Earth’s magnetic field reverses (it’s overdue)
    3. A nearby star goes supernova
    2. A gigantic super-volcano erupts
    1. An alien invasion

CBC Radio provides links to descriptions of each of these disastrous-though-improbable events on its website. Additionally, you can listen to the entire, entertaining 25-minute show to learn what the experts say about “how we’ll meet our end in all its earth-shaking civilization-ending glory.” Download the show’s audio stream here:

So there you have it. Did that help put the current financial crisis in perspective? 😉

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