US-DOT ditches “IntelliDrive” program name

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The US-DOT recently abruptly ceased using the name “Intellidrive” to refer to its Connected Vehicle Research program, which prior to being named IntelliDrive had been known as “VII” (Vehicle Infrastructure Integration). The program itself continues unabated, agency officials emphasize.

Despite the abandonment of its brand name, “the concept of Connected Vehicles remains the centerpiece of the US-DOT ITS Strategic Research Plan, the program has not changed its focus, and it remains the number one priority of the US-DOT RITA and JPO,” according to Gregory Krueger, a program manager with the initiative.

The wealth of information regarding the agency’s heavily funded connected vehicle technologies research initiative, which previously was located on the now-defunct website, is now accessible from the Connected Vehicle Research page of the website, according to DOT sources.

“The current programs in DOT relating to connected vehicles includes V2V, V2I, and V2D (devices) research,” Mike Schagrin, project lead for the US-DOT’s Connected Vehicle Research program, explains in a post at the former Linked-In IntelliDrive group. “Our research program has not changed at all as a result of the name withdrawal.”

Apparently, the US-DOT recently decided that the term “IntelliDrive” had been trademarked prior to its use of “IntelliDrive” within the current five-year ITS strategic research plan. DOT therefore abandoned the term, in favor of referring to the general category of research as “Connected Vehicle Research,” at least temporarily.

About the US-DOT’s Connected Vehicle Research initiative

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Further details on the US-DOT’s Connected Vehicle Research program are, of course, available at the US-DOT website’s Connected Vehicle Research page.

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