Why are there no recent posts on DeviceGuru.com?

Last updated May 28, 2016 — 439 views

Why has DeviceGuru.com had so few posts over the past several years? Blame it on the success of its offspring: LinuxGizmos.com! Here’s the scoop…

By popular demand from LinuxDevices.com’s followers after Quinstreet inherited that site from Ziff Davis Enterprise and then discontinued it, I decided to create LinuxGizmos.com as a replacement for it. The new website quickly became a success and required me to discontinue updating DeviceGuru.com.

During the next three years, I watched the open source spirit of Linux on the software side begin to penetrate the hardware side as well, with the emergence of wildly popular, community oriented and supported “open spec” single-board computers (SBCs) like those from the Arduino and Raspberry Pi foundations, and BeagleBoard.org, to name a few. LinuxGizmos has become one of the primary sources for breaking news and updates relating to these and other “hacker boards.”

So that’s where you’ll find me these days.

–Rick (aka the DeviceGuru)

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