What’s playing on the Boxee Box?

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The Boxee Box reports that over 250 apps are available for streaming multimedia or viewing other content on the device, not counting those that can be obtained from third-party repositories.

On the Boxee Box, you can browse the extensive set of apps by app popularity or by category. You can also designate as many apps as “favorites” as you like, making it quick-and-easy to launch the ones you use most frequently.

The screenshots below, extracted from our latest Boxee Box Screenshot Tour, show the launch icons for more than 250 Boxee Box apps. Using the screenshots, you can explore the wide selection of available apps. Also, following the screenshots you’ll find a list around 200 of the available apps, including links to many of their content sources, where you can learn more about what they have to offer.

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Contents of the Boxee Box’s apps library
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Boxee Box apps list from Boxee’s website

Boxee’s currently published list, sorted by popularity, appears below (Boxee notes that some popular apps show up near the bottom of the list due to being recent additions)…


You can always find the latest updated list on Boxee’s website, here.

Installing apps from third-party repositories

To find out how to add even more apps, obtained from third-party repositories, go here.

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