House-cleaning robot gets pet Roomba

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A Silicon Valley homebrew robotics club has added vacuuming capabilities — via a small vacuum-bot stowaway — to its prototype house-cleaning robot. In a newly released video the Readybot picks up clutter from a family room floor, and then releases its pet Roomba to perform the finishing touches.

A video released earlier this year showed the group’s prototype Readybot performing KP duties, such as scraping dishes, loading a dishwasher (see photo at right), and scrubbing a counter-top with human-sized arms and a few simple tools.

The Readybot unleashes its pet Roomba
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In the group’s latest video, the prototype Readybot rolls out of the kitchen to take on the family room. It picks up toys, uses a carpet rake to scrape small items into plastic bins, and moves sideways and diagonally as needed to reach tight spots. It stores the bins in a cabinet, closes the door, and then empties trash receptacles. Finally, the Readybot lets loose its pet iRobot Roomba (photo at right), which scampers about vacuuming the carpet.

Click below to view this latest Readybot video:

The developers of the Readybot say they will unveil Phase II of their “robot challenge project” later this summer. For additional details and photos, visit the group’s website.

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  1. idaho falls house cleaning says:

    Robots differ in function–some only vacuum, while others wash and scrub floors and a few clean the pool.