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[Updated Jan 27, 2013] — This post provides tips and tricks for getting the most from your Boxee Box. Things like streaming via AirPlay to your Boxee Box, playing videos and music files from Windows and UPnP network shares, building better bookmarks, adding the free Navi-X online multimedia aggregator, using your Boxee Box as network-attached-storage (NAS), and more.


The D-Link Boxee Box has been discontinued

When Boxee announced its new Boxee TV product in October of 2012, it also stated that the original Boxee Box, which had already ceased being manufactured, would soon transition into “maintenance mode.” Additionally, the company promised one last firmware update, which would “update the Flash player and fix some key bugs.” Additional information is available in DeviceGuru’s coverage:

R.I.P. Boxee Box: 2010-2013


Here’s what’s in our bag of Boxee Box tips and tricks at the moment. Click each title to read more about the particular tip or trick…

  1. Introducing the Navi-X App for Boxee — Navi-X is described as a “media browser” and “content aggregator” that extends the content available on Boxee by letting users quickly and easily link to and playback multimedia content from a multitude of additional sources. You can easily install the Boxee Navi-X app from a third-party repository, and we show you how.

  2. Boxee Box remote now available for desktop Boxee — D-Link has begun selling the Boxee Box’s two-sided remote control as an unbundled product for users of Boxee on PCs and Macs. It’s the exact same remote that ships with the Boxee Box.

  3. Building Better Boxee Box Bookmarks — You might think the Boxee Box browser’s bookmarks function would let you add bookmarks pointing to as many of your favorite movies, shows, and other web content as you want. Unfortunately, it doesn’t!

  4. What’s inside the Boxee Box? — Ever wonder what’s inside that unusually shaped D-Link Boxee Box? iFixit has published a pictorial Boxee Box tear-down, so now you don’t need to disassemble your own device to find out.

  5. Boxee iPad app works standalone or with Boxee Box — In addition to the ability to send media to the Boxee Box for rendering, this free app is also useful as a standalone multimedia watching app for iPad users who don’t use Boxee, since it’s fully capable of playing a wide range of video content streamed from multiple sources, both local and remote.

  6. Watch Live TV on your Boxee Box — Boxee Box users can now play live broadcast TV channels, with the addition of an inexpensive USB HDTV-tuner dongle. “Boxee Live TV” is supported on Boxee Box firmware v1.5 or later.

  7. Streaming via AirPlay to the Boxee Box — The Boxee Box’s v1.2 firmware update introduced AirPlay rendering capability. This post explains how to use AirPlay to stream audio and video from your iOS device to your Boxee Box.

  8. Setting up network shares on the Boxee Box — A comprehensive post on Boxee’s user forum provides tips for setting up and troubleshooting network shares on the Boxee Box.

  9. What’s playing on the Boxee Box? — The Boxee Box reports that over 250 apps are available for streaming multimedia or viewing other content on the device, not counting those that can be obtained from third-party repositories.

  10. Upgrading your Boxee Box firmware — When a new Boxee Box firmware version is released, how do you go about upgrading your device? Nothing could be simpler!

  11. Turn off your Boxee Box the green way — Ever worry about all the energy our DSL modems, wireless routers, and Internet-enabled devices (like the Boxee Box) consume around the clock? It all adds up!

  12. Where’s the Boxee Box firmware archive? — Following a recent Boxee Box firmware update, we wondered how one could obtain an earlier firmware release in the event an upgrade caused problems. Here’s the answer…

  13. Boxee’s Boxee Box Knowledge Base — Boxee’s knowledge base and related resources are useful to both new and experienced Boxee Box users. Searchable information databases cover the D-Link Boxee Box, Boxee Media Manager, and Boxee iPad App, and there’s also a highly-active discussion forum, a detailed FAQ, a help/support guide, and an official Boxee team blog.


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9 responses to “Top Boxee Box tips and tricks”

  1. roderick baker says:

    will the boxee box control my other two tv’s. will it use the wall jack for cable? and will 3.0 itnernet dsl speed be acceptable for operation?

  2. DeviceGuru says:

    1. no (it connects to a single TV, unless you add an expensive HDMI splitter)

    2. perhaps (via basic cable, if unencrypted, if you add the optional live TV adapter)

    2. probably (depending on your expectations)

  3. jango says:

    can i dual boot the boxee box into xbmc and boxee?
    xbmc addons are incompatible with boxee right?

  4. DeviceGuru says:

    I don’t think it’s been done yet, due to restrictions built into the Boxee Box by Boxee’s software developers. See this discussion thread on the website and this one on Boxee’s user forum.

  5. not a bob says:

    A better guide would show a painless way to revert to less-inane firmware

    I am abandoning boxee box for DIY xbmc + sabnzbd+ (long time xbmc xbox user)

  6. Craig says:

    I recently purchased boxee box. (Three weeks ago.) Am EXTREMELY disappointed with it. I found out after the fact that I bought boxee box that they are coming out with boxee tv and will not be updating boxee box anymore. I would not/will not purchase any item that has boxee’s name on it. It’s been one of the worst experiences I have ever encountered. I have spent hours trying to get something out of this and nothing, it’s pretty much a $200.00 paperweight.

  7. confused says:

    Weird. I think there’s been a few people that managed to watch video on theirs. Maybe you’re not as smart as you think you are?

  8. alfonso says:

    Ok so here goes:

    After the update to 6.1 on my iPad 3rd gen I have noticed that one of my Boxee Boxes can only Airplay audio while the other Boxee Box in my family room can still Airplay video/audio perfectly fine.

    I have been reading into the subject and it seems that everyone is in agreement that the 6.1 iOS update broke Airplay on the Boxee Box. However, I cannot seem to understand why one of my boxes is still able to Airplay like it used to and the other can now only do audio?

    Any ideas?

    Both boxes (model DSM-380) are running the latest firmware: also both are hardwired to the latest Apple Airport Extreme (updated to latest firmware) and both boxes have the exact same settings.

    To duplicate this issue, I am using the same up to date 3rd gen iPad and streaming a non-drm movie from the native Videos App.

    This is driving me nuts!

  9. Ant says:

    Hi I’m new to boxee, can you download torrents straight thru the boxee? If so how?